Friday, May 23, 2008

New Scenario developing, the pool of Shi

The Pool of Shi Boom
(any resemblance to any real current or hysterical person, place, or thing is completely farcical and absolutely satirical)

The Castle of Shi Boom
Lady Sally Fourth and Lord Dammi Phyenoe.
(denizens of Pigg Hollow)

The ruins of Shi Boom Village

The outpost of the Bed Down tribesmen
(Turbines or Zinagarans)

The camp of
Shiek Urah Hasses.

Orders of Battle and all to come out next week!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pigg Hollow Has Fallen!!!

Alas, quite literally.
I was getting my old lead collection out to set up a game when I fell ....
while holding one tub full of trays across another tub full of trays!!

Alas, Now I have some 2000 figures to resort by hand, buy new trays, etc.
And it definitely delayed a game I was playing for 18th century

It may be some weeks before I have the chance again ... so I'm afraid if I make the game, it'll be in plastic.