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In a Pigg's Eye

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
In a Pigg's Eye

As another imagi-nations set up for pre-gunpowder eras is developing, and since I've an extensive collection suitable, I'm entering into it with Pigg's Eye Land ... an homegrown solo campaign I'd used to excuse pushing my figures around the kitchen table.

The inspiration for these sites can be found on a badly punnished map of Europe, but I actually simply put them into a matrix, as I found that using an actual map too often tended to reduce the games to map exercises instead of using all my figures!

Pigg’s Eye Land :(Surely, you've heard "in a Pigg's Eye"?)

Including: ; Caer Dragwryth ; Crashing Boars; Winged Piggs; the Hog Wilds; Sowfolk; the Wallows;
Peculiar County (setting of my wife's series of short stories ... County Seat is Falling Rock ... btw, we live in the Arkansas Ozarks).
Pigg Hollow (a real place just over the hill where my Grandad and his five brothers lived).
Caer Dragwryth (Welsh = Green Dragon Castle)

The Bigg Pigg; The Troll King ; Countess Peculiar ; Dame Edith; Sir Porker; Lady Oinks ...

The Flying Piggs, (knights)
The Acorn Guard, (knights, rangers, and heavy infantry)
The Crashing Boars (more Knights with infantry support)
Boar Hounds (units formed from huntsmen and yeomen)
Boar Spears (infantry)
Piglets (militia, levy)

Oily Roaming Empire : Palmoil, Syrupcruets, Schitzenburp, Schlipenflop, Neapoily, Kranctkaze, Flourantz

1: Olivian Guard, from the tradition of the forces raised by the charisma of the legendary heroine, Olive Oyl.
2: Vassaline Guard, from the younger sons and bastards of the noble vassals.
3: Black Legion: originally a slave corps, now a quasi mercenary honor guard from recycled Oileans.
4: Crude Companies: Companies of maintainance and levy ...

The Honey Dukes (my wife is a Potter fan, okay?):
One suspects that the Duchy of Honey is known as The Hexagon from its
shape on the map. The Waxen River must flow through it. Don't forget
the following villages or towns: Stye, Honeybucket (promounced
"bouquet" of course), Piggville, Chateau de Muque, and the floral symbol
of the Honey Dukes, the Fleurs-des-Piques. Mooooooo...
Michael Lonie
PS Remembering the measure of beauty, the millihelen, one suspects that
the legendary heroine is one whose quantity of beauty was a face that
could launch five-and-one-half ships.

Their cooperative council, the Honey Bund.
The great charter gained at Honey Meade.
Honeysuckle Hill, Clover Bottom, Mollasses Rum, Maple Ridge,
Industrial centers = Squeazings, Sucre, Grand Hivings
their honorary unit: The Sweet Saps
Yeoman archers: the Stingers

The City States of Grease:
Their political center, Axle. ; Intellectual center: Ate Hams. ; Military Stronghold: Partsa.
Their infatuation with dirt track racing ...
The Shish ka-bobs infantry built around Heavy Infantry with long spears ....
Their Cretin archers ....
Often led by the great city of Constapation:

This is a small territory supported by recruiting from chapter houses in all the Western lands against the Eastern Powers whose claims on the Oily Land are clearly just a cover for their nefarious plan to annex both the rich oil fields, tars, and the best silver and electrum mines in the world.
Fanatical brotherhoods include the Gushers,

The Turbine Empire (uses all of the turbaned figures I happen to have).
The Insult of Instant Bull; Abdul, the Bul Bul Ameer; The Caliph of Cars-are-us

The Mangle Empire (which presses on everybody).

Still looking for decent takes on my old Vikings with their horned helms ...

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